Take the First Step Toward Eating Disorder Recovery.

An eating disorder (ED) is a mental and physical condition that affects your eating behaviors, thoughts and emotions. They can cause serious physical and mental harm and can happen to anyone. An eating disorder is not a choice, but recovery is. If you are battling an eating disorder, speak up and get help today. Sharing your struggles with just one person will get you one step closer to food freedom.

Get Help. Tell Someone.

Types of Eating Disorders

There are many different eating disorders, but they all pose serious physical and mental health risks. Each type has a diverse set of accompanying behaviors and traits. However, there are signs and symptoms that may reveal if you or a loved one is battling an eating disorder. Learn more about eating disorder types.

Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Treating eating disorders generally involves both psychological therapy and nutritional counseling. Treatment of physical symptoms is best supplemented by psychological therapy to combat thoughts and cultural forces that contribute to the eating disorder. Nutritional counseling helps instill healthy eating habits. Discover available treatment options.

Special Groups Affected by Eating Disorders

It is a common misconception that only underweight women can develop eating disorders. The truth is that eating disorders know no race, age, gender, size or class. Certain groups are underrepresented and do not get the help and support they deserve. Find resources for special groups affected by eating disorders.

Support for Loved Ones

It is normal to feel confused or helpless if your loved one is battling or recovering from an eating disorder. When someone is suffering, it is natural for you to experience distress as well. Discover ways to support your child, sibling, partner, friend or co-worker while keeping your own health intact.

You are not alone. Speak up and get help today.

The first step toward recovery is saying something. Take the leap and talk to a trusted friend or mentor about your eating disorder. You are worthy of support.

You have the power to beat your eating disorder.

Get Help.
Tell Someone.

"It's a common misconception that eating disorders are just about food. But they're actually about so much more than that. Eating disorders often stem from feelings of low self esteem, depression, anxiety or, in my case, being teased and ridiculed for my weight."